From a very young age, Mackenzie has had a passion for performing onstage and offstage. She began dance at the age of two with her sister, Maddie.

Just a few years later, Mackenzie, Maddie, and her mother Melissa became series regulars on hit reality show Dance Moms. Mackenzie was the youngest member on the show, just being barely six years old. The show helped boost Mackenzie’s fame to the stars.

In 2014, Mackenzie started recording songs! Her first ever single, “It’s a Girl Party”, was an instant success and soared its way to #1 on Itunes charts. She has been recording songs ever since and even is going on tour for her music!

In 2016, the Ziegler girls and Melissa decided it was time to leave the Dance Moms. After leaving the show, both girls have had more time for jobs and fun!

Shortly after leaving the show, Mackenzie became a model for a very popular clothing brand. Polo Ralph Lauren was a huge success, and continued to model for them.

Mackenzie and her friend Gabi created a t-shirt line that has yet again be a huge success for Mackenzie. Beginning to work on the clothes for over a year, they finally released their brand!

In May 2017, Mackenzie has another thing to add to her resume: author. Mackenzie is writing a book about all the lessons she has learned throughout her success. You will also learn more about the rising star in her book. The book is set to be released in May of 2018.