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New Instagram Username

Mackenzie has gotten a new username on Instagram! Make sure to know that she is now @KENZIE and not @KENZIEZIEGLER!

Best Young Actors 2017: Hollywood Z List

Mackenzie was featured on Refinery 29’s Best Young Actors 2017!
Refinery 29:

“You may know her older sister Maddie, but Mackenzie is the next Dance Moms alum to take over Hollywood.
What’s your biggest fear about becoming famous at such a young age?
My biggest fear would be losing my friends. I wouldn’t want them to treat me any differently.”
Where do you see yourself at 29 years old?
“When I am 29, I would love to have my very own clothing line. I am so lucky that I have started on this goal with my collection for Justice Active. I also hope to be touring all over the world and performing for a lot of people.”
When you were much younger, on Dance Moms, did you have any idea how popular the show was?
“We had no idea that the show would be successful when we started filming. I was 6 years old when it began. It was just normal life to me. I didn’t know anything different. I started to realize that people knew me when we would go out in public. People knew my name.”‘