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04/28/2017  •  Posted By adrianna  •  0 Comment(s) 13th Birthday Project

With Mackenzie’s birthday just a little over a month away, I have decided to do something special!

Since this is the year Mackenzie is becoming a teenager, I wanted to put a special video together for her!


  • Take a video of yourself wishing Mackenzie a happy birthday
  • A photo edit (graphic) of Mackenzie
  • A sign wishing Mackenzie a happy birthday
  • A drawing of Mackenzie
  • A video edit wishing Mackenzie a happy birthday
  • A message (will be added at end of video) for Mackenzie, include happy birthday


  • All edits, drawings, videos, etc MUST be made by you.
  • Please don’t make your videos longer than 20 seconds
  • Make them appropriate (please & thank you!!)
  • You can submit one video and/or two photos (or one!)
  • Your name must be included in the message


Regarding Messages:

Make sure your name, age, and fan account (if you have one) is included. Copy and paste the template below!

Fan Account:



Entries are due May 31st, the latest June 1st.

I can’t believe Mackenzie is turning 13! She has grown up right before our eyes. I hope you all join to make Mackenzie’s day special! This is really early, but I want to be able to get as many entries as possible!



05/09/2016  •  Posted By katie  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Project

Mackenzie and her sister Maddie¬†have teamed up with for their birthday mail campaign!¬†Approximately 2.5 million children in the United States experience homelessness every year. Unfortunately, this can make celebrating birthday’s difficult or impossible. decided to help make a difference. Find out what the birthday mail campaign is all about and how to participate by watching the video below!