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At the young age of 13, Mackenzie Ziegler has become one of her generation’s most influential stars. There isn’t a medium she has not tapped into, and successfully at that: she is a professional dancer, starring in Lifetime’s reality TV series Dance Moms for six seasons, and an exciting and loveable singer/songwriter whose debut album ‘Mack Z’ hit number 1 on the iTunes Pop Charts. On top of that, she frequently posts music videos that accompany her lyrics on YouTube, alongside vlogs to show her fans what she gets up to on a daily basis. Speaking out to a collective 20 million followers on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, Mackenzie is without a doubt reaching the very pinnacle of success for her years. Schön! caught up with her to understand what it’s like being a dance prodigy at such a young age, and managing a hectic schedule that combines dancing, singing, acting and modelling. click to read more »

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Mackenzie is nominated in two categories of the CelebMix Awards 2017. Support and vote for her!

How to do it?

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Mackenzie on December 2 made a new photoshoot with the photographer Emily Knecht for The Coveteur magazine. Check the photos that were added to the gallery:

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Hello everyone and welcome to! As you may have noticed, the site received an important revision and is now called The Mackenzie Ziegler Network. I also made a change in the design of the site and the photo gallery. I hope they like it!

I’m still working hard to update the gallery completely so that the site works again for all of you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Mackenzie and her sister Maddie attended Knots Scary Farm Celebrity Night a few days ago! Photos in gallery.

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Mackenzie was featured as the Fall 2017 cover of Halcyon Kids Magazine. Check the scans added to the gallery!

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Mackenzie was featured on Refinery 29’s Best Young Actors 2017!
Refinery 29:

“You may know her older sister Maddie, but Mackenzie is the next Dance Moms alum to take over Hollywood.
What’s your biggest fear about becoming famous at such a young age?
My biggest fear would be losing my friends. I wouldn’t want them to treat me any differently.”
Where do you see yourself at 29 years old?
“When I am 29, I would love to have my very own clothing line. I am so lucky that I have started on this goal with my collection for Justice Active. I also hope to be touring all over the world and performing for a lot of people.”
When you were much younger, on Dance Moms, did you have any idea how popular the show was?
“We had no idea that the show would be successful when we started filming. I was 6 years old when it began. It was just normal life to me. I didn’t know anything different. I started to realize that people knew me when we would go out in public. People knew my name.”‘

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Mackenzie went to older sister Maddie’s movie premiere “Leap!”, images have been added to the site. My favorites are the ones with Maddie!

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Last night, Mackenzie along with Lauren and Johnny Orlando attended Variety Power of Young Hollywood Party! Images are in our gallery.

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Awhile back, Mackenzie filmed with Young Hollywood, here are the videos!

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