Leap! Premiere

Mackenzie went to older sister Maddie’s movie premiere “Leap!”, images have been added to the site. My favorites are the ones with Maddie!

Variety Power of Young Hollywood Party

Last night, Mackenzie along with Lauren and Johnny Orlando attended Variety Power of Young Hollywood Party! Images are in our gallery.

Young Hollywood

Awhile back, Mackenzie filmed with Young Hollywood, here are the videos!

New YouTube Video with Chris Appleton!

Teamwork; Music Video, and Collaboration with Justice!

Mackenzie recently came out with a new song and music video! Teamwork was a song for a collaboration with Justice! Mackenzie also came out with a line there too!

Zach Sang

Interview of Mackenzie!

New Interviews!

According to Mackenzie on Instagram, she did two interviews today! One for Young Hollywood and another for Popmania! Once the videos come out, I will let you know!

The Book of Henry Premiere

Last night, Mackenzie attended The Book of Henry Premiere! The movie is actually her sister Maddie’s first movie! Mackenzie attended the event with her mother Melissa and Lilia and Jane Buckingham! The pictures look STUNNING!

Mackenzie Attends a Fundraiser!

Last night, Mackenzie and her best friend Lilia Buckingham, attended Children Mending Hearts 9th Annual Rocks Fundraiser! Lilia’s mother, Jane Buckingham, was one of the many who hosted the event!

New Job!

Mackenzie recently announced her new acting job! She hasn’t given any specifics other than a table read!

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